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Our Typical School Day:


8:00      Welcome / Centers

8:30      Circle Time

9:00      Free Play / Reading & Writing

10:00    Snack Time

10:15    Bible Story

10:30    Themed Activity

11:00    Physical Education

11:45    Closing Circle Time

12:00    Goodbye

Wooden Cars

Welcome / Centers - Each morning as students arrive we start the day with group centers which rotate daily, one day we will mold with Play-Doh, the next we will build with Legos, the possibilities are endless!


Circle Time - Circle time is when the majority of our structured learning takes place. We explore the alphabet, colors, numbers, and our weekly themed lesson through interactive songs and activities.


Free Play / Reading & Writing - Free play is an opportunity to explore and create with different toys and materials. It is a great time for students to discover and to learn how to work, share, and play together. This time is also an opportunity to meet small groups of students where they are at in their reading or writing journeys, and help them discover all that they are capable of.


Snack Time - Snack time is a moment to enjoy delicious and healthy snacks while practicing manners, then learning responsibility through clean up.


Bible Story - Bible story time is when we read God's word, and learn biblical truths through discussion, songs, and drama.


Themed Activity - Themed activities are crafts or games that match the theme of the week or daily Bible lesson.


Physical Education - P.E. is a time to exercise and practice gross motor skills! This is a structured time that varies between many different activities, such as Duck, Duck, Goose, Simon Says, team relays, dance, and more!


Closing Circle Time - Closing circle time is a time for stories and to encourage students to discuss and reflect on what was learned that day.

Our program

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